pondělí 7. listopadu 2016

Australian Diaries II. - Sydney

Bondi Beach

What normal people do in Sydney versus what we actually did there:
  • Normal people flying to Sydney are getting taxi/shuttle/train or whatever to get to the city. They are on holiday so they don't need to walk 5 kilometres to the public transport station in order to save every single penny like we did.
  • Normal people come to Sydney to see a beautiful city centre. Yes, that very city centre inconspicuously similar to London. They don't come to Sydney so their first steps could lead to a suburb, where they would spend another 5 hours trying several items on the menu of a local coffee shop and taking pictures in front of the turquoise door (which can be found anywhere in the world).
  • Normal people come to Sydney to take a picture in front of the Opera House. Moreover, if they have money - they actually go to the Opera. Yeah, right, we missed that opportunity while we were trying to snap some playful shots in the hotel.