středa 15. února 2017

Analog vol. 2

In the morning we are all the same.
Portrait series part 1

úterý 24. ledna 2017

Analog vol. 1

- me and Kristýna were celebrating the exams we successfully passed
- we got drunk
- we took many pictures on analogue camera
- we felt like we need more wine
- we went to the local off-licence shop
- we got more drunk
- we took more pictures

pondělí 7. listopadu 2016

Australian Diaries II. - Sydney

Bondi Beach

What normal people do in Sydney versus what we actually did there:
  • Normal people flying to Sydney are getting taxi/shuttle/train or whatever to get to the city. They are on holiday so they don't need to walk 5 kilometres to the public transport station in order to save every single penny like we did.
  • Normal people come to Sydney to see a beautiful city centre. Yes, that very city centre inconspicuously similar to London. They don't come to Sydney so their first steps could lead to a suburb, where they would spend another 5 hours trying several items on the menu of a local coffee shop and taking pictures in front of the turquoise door (which can be found anywhere in the world).
  • Normal people come to Sydney to take a picture in front of the Opera House. Moreover, if they have money - they actually go to the Opera. Yeah, right, we missed that opportunity while we were trying to snap some playful shots in the hotel.

neděle 30. října 2016

Australian Diaries I.

As you may know (yup, I've been spamming my Instagram a lot!), a couple of weeks ago I came back from Australia where I spent over a month with my soulmate Baria. I brought back over 2000 pictures taken on my camera, another 1000 on my phone (just to point out, 600 out of these are selfies), 150 videos and countless amount of memories. I thought it might be interesting not only to share the best pictures but also the moments we experienced trough a little of writing. I apologize to my Czech friends but this is going to be English only for one very obvious reason - too much hustle with translating. And my parents can't be bothered with English.