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Australian Diaries II. - Sydney

Bondi Beach

What normal people do in Sydney versus what we actually did there:
  • Normal people flying to Sydney are getting taxi/shuttle/train or whatever to get to the city. They are on holiday so they don't need to walk 5 kilometres to the public transport station in order to save every single penny like we did.
  • Normal people come to Sydney to see a beautiful city centre. Yes, that very city centre inconspicuously similar to London. They don't come to Sydney so their first steps could lead to a suburb, where they would spend another 5 hours trying several items on the menu of a local coffee shop and taking pictures in front of the turquoise door (which can be found anywhere in the world).
  • Normal people come to Sydney to take a picture in front of the Opera House. Moreover, if they have money - they actually go to the Opera. Yeah, right, we missed that opportunity while we were trying to snap some playful shots in the hotel.

  • Normal people go to a party in Sydney, simply because it's Sydney. Well, we went to a party. It was with Czech people who were 40 years old and who knew my dad (what a coincidence!) And just to point out, one of them tried to charm Baria by tucking her peeking panties deeper into her bum. New way of hitting on someone? (Oh, did we miss anything?)
  • Normal people go to Bondi beach, because they think it's the most beautiful beach in the world. They don't go there in order to gaze at local hipsters in the coffee shop simply named "Coffee". They don't watch that tv show "Bondi Hipsters" in order to imitate two main characters by getting only tap water in the restaurants. (Just joking, we were doing it long before.)
  • Normal people go eat out or they grab something to go in a supermarket. They don't eat at the hotel breakfast like they haven't seen a food for a month. They don't buy rice cakes to have a fulfilling and tasty lunch. They don't bother friend of your friend's boyfriend with a dinner. (At least, they seemed quite amused by our company and that counts, right?)
  • Normal people take a taxi/train/shuttle to the airport and they are actually willing to pay for it. They don't use their already in debt public transport card so they could owl the city even more. (But who cares if it's just another souvenir?)

Parramatta, Sydney - Like I mentioned before, our first steps led to a very industrial suburb. I was really amazed by their bins as you may notice in the following pics. (But the light was alluring, wasn't it?)

Baria, obviously bored by the specialty coffee in the local shop. (No surprise, when she spoils herself with an instant coffee all the time!)

Still in Parramatta - you're looking at the turquoise door I was gushing over above.

5 hours later - we finally made it to city centre. This one if one of my favourite pictures from Sydney.

8 hours later - we made it to the hotel. These pictures were taken the day after, while the weather outside wasn't so pleasant. (Just to make things clear, the weather was shit the whole time.)

The Opera House during sunrise - we woke up to take pictures like these two nights in the row. Unfortunately, the clouds weren't on our side that time. (To be honest, I am not a very good landscape photographer either.)

When we accidentally got to the Harbour Bridge just by the time of sunset. Cloudy sunset.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia - an obligatory piece of culture.

Bondi Beach - and here it comes. The best part of our Sydney trip - the spot that everyone is talking about. Unlike anyone else, we went off the path and we were casually hanging around on the cliff just 20 metres above the ocean. Magical. 

And this is how we actually felt about it ...

to be continued ...

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