neděle 30. října 2016

Australian Diaries I.

As you may know (yup, I've been spamming my Instagram a lot!), a couple of weeks ago I came back from Australia where I spent over a month with my soulmate Baria. I brought back over 2000 pictures taken on my camera, another 1000 on my phone (just to point out, 600 out of these are selfies), 150 videos and countless amount of memories. I thought it might be interesting not only to share the best pictures but also the moments we experienced trough a little of writing. I apologize to my Czech friends but this is going to be English only for one very obvious reason - too much hustle with translating. And my parents can't be bothered with English.

Before you read on, you should know several things: 
  • in order to keep the anonymity I decided to change the names 
  • all the stories contain loads of hyperbole and sarcasm 
  • if you can find yourself, good, it means you can probably crush at mine when you get to Prague 
  • don't take it personally 
  • most of the things I've written are tiring and hackneyed anyway

Byron Bay - It's said it's the most eastern spot on the coast and if you ask anyone in Goldie where is the best place to throw a party on, every single person will tell you Byron Bay it is.

Australia was full of the things I've done for the first time. Here is the list:
  • I was waking up for a sunrise almost every other day.
  • I was walking barefoot in the city (yes, me, the girl who has 52 pairs of shoes, no kidding.)
  • I was hitchhiking 300 kilometres (and it was awesome.)
  • I camped on the abandoned beach (could it get even better?)
  • I woke up in the morning and I ran straight to the ocean, almost naked (with an unexpected audience).

  • I went to surf twice (and I managed to stand up once for two seconds!)
  • I crossed my first slackline and I got addicted to it (thanks to the best and hottest teachers you can possibly imagine!)
  • I invited a complete stranger to our house for a dinner (he was charming and he did visual effects for Star Wars, does it excuse us?)
  • I went for a date with a guy from Tinder (and yes, I understand you boys, why you always complain about girls looking way better on pictures - the guy I met was black and old.)
  • I was eating avocado literally every day (and yes, I was still staggered why I couldn't manage to live on a tight budget!)
  • I was cycling 12 kilometres at 4.30AM (and I made it in 30 minutes!)
  • I took my first night sky pictures (and it was a disaster - no, you're not gonna see it, unless I fall in love with you.)
  • I survived over a month without my computer (I mean, those couple of times when I borrowed the flatmates' one doesn't count, right?)
  • and above all these I've experienced some of my very first times with that cute Blondie boy, who claims his hair are natural wonder (but as a matter of fact he dyed them with lemon!)

Coombabah, Gold Coast - if you want to see kangaroos casually hanging around, this is a place to be.

The Spit, Main Beach, Gold Coast - our favourite spot in Goldie, the very spot we cycled to at 4.30PM.

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast - Baria's most favourite spot in Australia. We went there for the first sunrise. That time we shared the morning with Baria's flatmates and we asked one of them to take some pictures of us (thank you, our dear friend!) And somehow while we were posing in front of the camera we got to the point when we wanted to kiss each other. But unfortunately for boys, we did it later. 

I would travel the world for you. 

To be continued ...

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